About Us

2i Group of companies is a leading applications development, business intelligence, market research and veterinary pharma service company.

We have offices and development locations in Malta, Chicago, Atlanta, Spain, India, Serbia, Italy, Palestinian Territory, Macedonia and Brazil.

How we work

We work directly with our clients, understand their business needs and then design the best solutions that fit their needs with optimized development and maintenance costs.

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Our specialty

Metrics, business intelligence, web applications and custom software for governments and small to medium size organizations. Recently, we acquired CampusAnyware, a Student Information System for small to medium size colleges.

Our success

Our success is the result of our ability to create a nurturing corporate culture that focuses on ethics, proactive engagement and accommodation of the cultural differences of our staff and clients alike.

Our methods

Our agile management style in combination with our motivated and multi-talented team are the major reasons that the 2i Group is a quietly successful and growing software service provider for small to medium size enterprises.


2i is always on the lookout for talented and motivated software engineers to join our team.